Trails Legacy Society

Planned Giving to Preserve Historic Trails

Trails Legacy Society

Trails Legacy Society

One hundred years from now, you can still be helping to preserve the historic trails and the stories of the emigrants who traveled them. Making that possible is why OCTA has created the Trails Legacy Society.

The OCTA Board of Directors created the Trails Legacy Society to encourage "legacy gifts" to the OCTA endowments through bequests and other estate gifts. It is a great way to guarantee that the trails are there for our grandchildren and beyond.

One of the keys to the long-term financial stability of the Oregon-California Trails Association – and to our ability to protect the trails – is to grow the size of our endowment. Many organizations use endowments to augment funds received from memberships, donors, grants and other resources. In fact, an estate gift, when it is invested in an endowment fund, can triple (or more) in value in a relatively short period of time.

At this time, many people are taking a fresh look at their wills and estate plans. Won’t you join us in including a charitable gift for OCTA in your planning? The Trails Legacy Society brochure has additional information and it is important that you consult with your family, your estate advisor or your attorney before making any decision.

As a member of the OCTA Trails Legacy Society you will receive a special Trails Legacy Society pin. In addition, your name (with your permission) will be printed annually in the Overland Journal. Plans are being made to display the names of Society members in an appropriate manner at OCTA headquarters and new members will be recognized each year during the annual convention. Importantly, it will give OCTA a chance to thank you during your lifetime for your generosity.

Remember, the size of your gift isn’t important. The important thing is that you can make a difference in trails preservation that will last beyond your lifetime. Isn’t that a great legacy?

Please take a moment to contact us so we will know that you have included OCTA in your estate plan. While bequests represent more than 80 percent of all estate gifts, there are other options. Upon request, we can connect you with a professional gift planner from the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, which manages OCTA endowments.

  • Planned Giving - Leave A Legacy for the Trails  
    It is likely that one of the reasons you are an OCTA member and provide support beyond your membership level, for instance through our annual fund drives, is your desire to help preserve the trails for future generations.
  • Sample Bequest Language  
    The following language is to aid you and your attorney in preparing your bequest to the Oregon-California Trails Association.

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