Frontier Military

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Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West


William H. Leckie
Paperback 290 pages

Black veterans who remained in the Army after the Civil War were assigned to the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry regiments. Their service in ...


Chief Joseph: Guardian of the People


Candy Moulton (OCTA member)
hardback 239 pages

Solid well researched beautifully balanced and written with smooth an excellent recounting of tale of high tragedy that defines the Native ...


Fort Laramie, Military Bastion of the High Plains


Author Douglas C. McChristian.

Cloth cover 448 pages.
Of all the U.S. Army posts in the West none witnessed more history than Fort Laramie positioned where the northern Great Plains join ...


Forts Of The West


Military Forts and Presidios and Posts West of the Mississippi River to 1898.
Robert W. Frazer Author
The number and variety of forts and posts together with changes of location ...


Frontier Army in the Settlement of the West


Dr. Michael L. Tate

The frontier army of the ninteenth century was much more than the Indianfighting force stereotyped in popular movies. Dr. Tate demonstrates that the multipurpose ...


Guarding the Overland Trails: The Eleventh Ohio Cavalry in the Civil War


Robert Huhn Jones
hardcover (blue linen cloth foil stamped spine and front cover) 368 pages with 19 illustrations and six maps (acidfree paper). Limited edition of 750 copies

The ...


Life of a Soldier On the Western Frontier


Author Jeremy Agnew
266 pages

Their heads filled with images of glory and battle most young men joined the frontier army only to endure a life of tedious drills bad meals ...


March of the Mounted Riflemen: From Fort Leavenworth to Fort Vancouver May to October 1849


Raymond Settle
paperback 378 pages

Here is the only complete record of one of the longest marches ever made a five month two thousand mile trek to establish ...


My Army Life and the Fort Phil Kearney Massacre


Frances C. Carrington

Massacre references the 1866 Indian battle with a company of US troops under Captain William Fetterman on the Wyoming plains near Fort Phil Kearny (spelled ...