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Our bookstore is the best one-stop source for unique books, maps, videos, gifts and other materials related to the American West and the frontier.

You will find material on western exploration, overland migration, the military and their forts, the telegraph and mail transportation as well asNative Americans, Lewis and Clark, Mountain Men, the Pony Express, or in reading accounts and diaries of emigrants traveling the California Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the Overland Trail, the Cherokee Trail, and the Mormon Pioneer Trail.

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Bruff's Wake

1Author: Harold James. 1Softcover, 64 images1The story of J. Goldsborough Bruff's overland journey to the California Gold Rush, his experiences in ...

Our Faces Are Westward: The 1852 Oregon Trail Journey of Edward Allen

1Authors: Dennis M. Larsen and Karen L. Johnson1Softcover1In 1852, a sickly Edward Jay Allen traveled to Council Bluffs, Iowa and joined ...

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