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Memberships have been tailored to address varying member wishes. Those with higher initial costs provide increased benefits.

Membership Benefits

  • Overland Journal is OCTA's quarterly magazine which contains articles and book reviews concerning historic trails.
  • News from the Plains is OCTA's quarterly newsletter, which contains information about the activities of OCTA national, OCTA chapters, and OCTA members.
  • Time Travelers is a program in which OCTA participates that allows OCTA members to receive a variety of special benefits, such as free admission or gift shop discounts when they visit Time Travelers affiliates. There are 185 museums and historic sites in 45 states that participate in the program.
  • When you join OCTA, you will receive free access to Paper Trail, the website based on a searchable index of 19th Century westward American migration documents. (www.paper-trail.org)

    General Memberships

    While the basic Emigrant membership provides the member with a newsletter, scholarly journal and 5% discount, the Pioneer also gets two votes in the annual election; the Trail Patron additionally gets an increased 10% discount, the Merrill J. Mattes Society additionally gets a 15% discount, two free publications and a Mattes pin, and the Ezra Meeker Life Member additionally gets a plaque and Meeker Life Member pin.

    Emigrant - $50/year  {add to cart }

    • Basic membership for individuals
    • Receive the Overland Journal, OCTA's quarterly scholarly journal, and News From the Plains, OCTA's quarterly newsletter
    • 5% discount on all OCTA merchandise
    • One vote in OCTA's annual election
    • The opportunity to join a local chapter
    • Access to a members-only section of OCTA's website
    • An invitation to OCTA's annual convention

    Pioneer - $65/year  {add to cart }

    • Basic membership for families
    • Pioneers receive the same benefits as the Emigrant level, but get two votes in OCTA's annual elections

    Trail Patron - $125/year  {add to cart }

    Formerly the Supporting level, Trail Patrons receive the same benefits as the Pioneers level, plus a 10% discount on all OCTA merchandise.

    Merrill J. Mattes Society - $250/year  {add to cart }

    Formerly the Patron level, this prestigious society is named for the former Superintendent of Scotts Bluff National Monument, Platte River Road historian, and a founding member of OCTA. Members of this society receive the same benefits as the Trail Patron. They also receive:

    • A 15% discount on all OCTA merchandise
    • Two free publications from selected stock (OCTA publications only)

    Ezra Meeker Life Member - $1000  {add to cart }

    Formerly the Life Member category, this membership level is named for Oregon Territory pioneer Ezra Meeker, who followed the Oregon Trail in 1852 with his young wife and infant son. In 1906-07, Meeker single-handedly led the first effort to gain historic status for these emigrant roads when he retraced his route in reverse with a team of oxen and a covered wagon. He retraced the trail later by rail, auto, and in 1924, by air. Life members receive all of the benefits listed above as well as:

    • A plaque signifying their willingness to help sustain Meeker's vision
    • An Ezra Meeker Life Member lapel pin
    • A permanent 15% discount on all OCTA merchandise

    College Student - $20  {add to cart }

    This level is designed especially for undergraduate and graduate students. Members at this level receive the same benefits as the Emigrant level.

        Institutional Memberships

        The Institutional member gets discounts, plaque and an ad in the journal and newsletter, and the Corporate Member gets, in addition, links on OCTA’s website.

        Institutional (Libraries, Museums, Trail Centers, etc.) - $300/year  {add to cart }

        Designed especially for our friends who also support and promote overland emigrant trails, the Institutionallevel receives the same basic benefits plus:

        • A plaque signifying their membership in OCTA
        • A 15% discount on all OCTA merchandise
        • One free quarter-page ad in OCTA's two prestigious quarterly publications, the Overland Journal and News From the Plains

        Corporate Member - $1,250  {add to cart }

        OCTA relies heavily on the kindness of corporate friends and has established a unique opportunity for the business community to show their solidarity with trail preservation efforts. Corporate members receive:

        • The Overland Journal, OCTA's quarterly scholarly journal, and News From the Plains, OCTA's quarterly newsletter
        • A 15% discount on all OCTA merchandise
        • Two free half-page ads in OCTA's two quarterly publications
        • Free links back to their corporate website on OCTA's homepage during the duration of their membership.

            Chapter Membership

            Once you have selected a National Membership level, please consider joining one of our local chapters to enjoy the benefits of a community of trail enthusiasts with more specific goals and activities.
            Chapter Student Individual Family Corporate Sustaining Life
            Click a level to add it to your cart
            CA-NV   $10 $15   $35  
            CO-Cherokee Trail   $10       $200
            Crossroads $5 $10        
            Gateway   $10 $15      
            Idaho   $10        
            KANZA   $10 $15      
            Nebraska   $10        
            Northwest   $10 $15 $20   $200
            Southern Trails   $15 $20   $50 $200/$300
            Trails Head   $10        
            Wyoming   $10        

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