Emigrant Trails Hall of Fame

2017 Emigrant Trails Hall of Fame Selectees

The Emigrant Trails Hall of Fame (ETHoF) has been established by the Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) to accomplish several important goals.

The Association wishes to honor those who formed the framework of historic trail promotion, preservation, research, and education, upon which OCTA finds foundation.

The Emigrant Trails Hall of Fame Committee wants to educate OCTA members and site visitors to the philosophic and historic roots of the association.

The Committee hopes to motivate OCTA members and the American public to respect and preserve its historic trails heritage through the example of others.

      How to Participate

      Nominate a candidate for the Emigrant Trails Hall of Fame

      Nominations provided by OCTA members, affiliated partners or other trail-associated organizations and agencies will be accepted and considered.

      Nominees can be selected from the following six categories:

      • Preservationist: Promoted trail marking, interpretation and preservation through significant activities with lasting impact.
      • Trail pioneer: Made significant contributions to trail development and migration or to the history and culture of the areas where they settled.
      • Author: Enhanced public awareness and understanding of trail history through first-hand accounts or research of original source materials.
      • Philanthropist: Made significant financial contributions to support the trail preservation movement or the preservation of cultural resources associated with it.
      • Public official: Helped promote public recognition of trail history and/or expansion of trail marking and monument programs.
      • Executive: Led corporate initiatives to support the trail preservation movement or enhance public awareness.

      Candidates may not be living but can be organizations, associations, or governmental agencies. OCTA membership is not a requirement and OCTA awards or offices do not automatically qualify anyone for consideration.

      Please fill out and submit the Nomination form accessible here.

      For further information, please email:  ETHoF1846@gmail.com

      ETHoF Committee Activities

      Potential additions to the HoF are evaluated annually by a committee comprised of three OCTA past presidents and up to two other OCTA members all of whom are appointed by the current president. Solicitation of nominations from OCTA members are made annually through NFP article requests, chapter mailings, or other means as appropriate. Recommendations from affiliated partners or other trail-associated organizations and agencies will be accepted and considered.

      Each of those selected for the Emigrant Trails Hall of Fame will be recognized with a plaque, a short biography and a picture if possible. The displays will be permanently housed at the National Frontier Trails Center, OCTA headquarters, or another appropriate public venue. A virtual Hall of Fame has been incorporated into the OCTA website. A portable display may be developed for display at OCTA conventions, exhibits, or other activities to promote either OCTA or trail history. Selectees will be honored by articles in the Overland Journal, an OCTA publication.

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