Regional Chapters

Local connections for members and non-members

OCTA has 11 regional or state chapters which support marking and mapping the trails and work with private landowners as well as government agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service, on preservation issues.

Joining a chapter is a great way to get “on the ground” in OCTA because local chapters sponsor trail outings in their area and have frequent meetings to discuss trail history and preservation. Most of these events are open to members and non-members alike. Membership in regional chapters is voluntary, although in order to be a member of a local chapter you must be a member of national OCTA.

Many members join local chapters to get the best available information about issues and projects in that area. Every chapter welcomes members from all over. Most publish their own newsletters. Visit the chapter websites to get more information about what the chapter in your area is doing.

      California-Nevada Chapter

      Covering Emigrant Trails of California & Nevada

      The emigrant trails in Northern California and Northern Nevada are the main focus of the California-Nevada Chapter. The principle goal is to identify, map, and preserve the hundreds of miles of tra ...

      Colorado-Cherokee Trail Chapter

      Covering the Emigrant Trails of Colorado

      The mission of the Colorado-Cherokee Trail Chapter is to protect the legacy of the historic trails that traversed Colorado. We are particularly interested in promoting public awareness and preserva ...

      Gateway Chapter

      Covering St. Joseph, Missouri and Doniphan, Brown & Nemaha Counties, Kansas

      Saint Joe was a major jumping-off point for California and Oregon emigrants from 1844 into the '60s. The Saint Joe Road ran near the Sac and Fox Presbyterian Mission on the way to cross the Big Bl ...

      Idaho Chapter

      Covering the EmigrantTrails of Idaho

      Idaho is blessed with numerous trail routes and hundreds of miles of pristine trails. The Idaho chapter focuses on exploring and preserving the emigrant trails across the state.

      KANZA Chapter

      Covering the EmigrantTrails of Northeast Kansas

      Most of our area is through towns or on private land. We care for numerous graves in our area: including Roush, Marshall, Attebery and Mastin. We also keep an eye on the numerous swales and other t ...

      Nebraska Chapter

      Covering the Emigrant Trails of Nebraska

      Emigrant trails from "jumping off" places in Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas were scattered across eastern Nebraska, but converged at Fort Kearny. After leaving the Fort, the trails ran adjacent to the ...

      Northwest Chapter

      Covering Washington, Oregon & British Columbia

      Our interest is in study, research, protection, preservation, and enjoyment of the historic trails in Oregon and Washington. We have the privilege of living in the territory that was the reason for ...

      Southern Trails Chapter

      Covering Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas

      Identifying and Preserving the Southern Trails to California.

      Trails Head Chapter

      Covering the Emigrant Trails of Kansas & Missouri

      Trails Head chapter area encompasses the greater Kansas City area to west of Topeka. The chapter's name signifies the beginning origins of the Oregon and California National Historic Trails.

      Utah Crossroads Chapter

      Covering the Emigrant Trails of Utah

      The Utah Crossroads Chapter holds two general meetings annually at the Salt Lake County Commission Chambers, and an annual BBQ at the Fort Douglas Military Museum.

      Wyoming Chapter

      Covering the Emigrant Trails of Wyoming

      Wyoming OCTA's 175 or so members are dedicated to preserving and enjoying the most pristine of all the trails in the Oregon-California-Mormon-Pony Express trails system.

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