Preservation Training

Official OCTA Training Briefings

Preservation Training

Preservation Training

This strategy has been developed from the perspective of public partnership organizations who have taken on a stewardship role for an historic trail. It does not reflect the perspectives of the agencies responsible for oversight.

Mapping Emigrant Trails (MET) Manuals

The Oregon-California Trails Association has several ongoing programs dedicated to reseraching and preserving emigrant trails.The Fifth Edition of Mapping Emigrant Trails released October 1, 2014 reflects continued upgrading of the guidelines and procedures on locating, verifying, classifying and plotting emigrant trails. A wire-bound copy with protective covers may be purchased from the OCTA bookstore for $10 by members and $20 for non-members.

Training Briefs

OCTA hereby affirms its commitment to protect the emigrant trails. Furthermore, OCTA is committed to work with government agencies and private interests to seek solutions considering theinterests of all involved parties. Where reasonable compromise is not attainable or established procedures are not followed, OCTA may take appropriate legal steps.


My Topo

MyTopo, the maker of Terrain Navigator mapping products, is making Terrain Navigator Pro (TNP) available to OCTA members for about $175 per state. The regular price is $299. Each state package contains all of the USGS topographic maps in that state for 1:250,000, 1:100,000, and 1:24,000 scales. For an annual subscription fee of $99 (included in the first year subscription), aerial photographs at 1:12,500 scale are included. 

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Preserve Preservation Training

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Paper Trail: Pioneer Documents


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