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Learn about the Oregon Trail

Learn about the Oregon Trail

Our learning center is organized to make it easier to research and find materials useful for understanding the varied aspects of the westward migrations.

There is a vast range of materials and information about the West, but only some of this can be presented here. It is hoped that this will provide the basic information and encourage the door to be opened for deeper study. Some of the materials we have developed about the historic trails can be found in Classroom Resources.

      People & Stories

      Pioneers wrote of their travels to Oregon, California, Utah, Montana, and other western locations in diaries, letters, remembrances, and newspaper articles.

      Trail Facts

      The trail facts which appear on our website are the work of Dr. Robert Munkres, our resident historical expert, who compiled them from various sources.

      Learning Resources

      These resources listed here are suitable for learners of all ages, but some are specifically designed for elementary and middle school students.


      OCTA is proud to support and recognize educators and students through awards, an honorarium, and annual prizes.

      Virtual Trail

      Have you have ever thought about throwing all of your possessions into the back of your car and heading out for parts unknown?

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      Save the Trail: Preservation
      Paper Trail: Pioneer Documents

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