Abram & Nancy Miller

Emigrant Profile

Abram and Nancy Moore Miller crossed in 1861 and settled in Umatilla Co., Oregon.

They started in Iowa and traveled with "the Kennedy train." Abram took a homestead where the town of Pendleton now stands.

They were a young married couple and came with a little girl about a year old. They started with a span of matched oxen and wound up driving a milk cow and a mule. Along the trail, Indians stole stock from the train and Abram and some other men went to retrieve them. The other men were killed and it took G-Grandpa Abram quite a while hiding in creeks and brush to get back to the wagon train. Everyone had given him up for dead except Grandma Nancy, and her faith was rewarded. He traded his homestead rights for a logging chain and a mule, and went to another place with better farm land.

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