Covering the EmigrantTrails of Idaho

California Trail Approaching Granite Pass

1/7 California Trail Approaching Granite Pass

California Trail City of Rocks Emigrant Names

2/7 California Trail City of Rocks Emigrant Names

Goodales Cutoff

3/7 Goodales Cutoff

Lander Road

4/7 Lander Road

North Alternate

5/7 North Alternate

Oregon Trail Three Island Crossing

6/7 Oregon Trail Three Island Crossing

Oregon Trail Top of Big Hill

7/7 Oregon Trail Top of Big Hill

Idaho is blessed with numerous trail routes and hundreds of miles of pristine trails. The Idaho chapter focuses on exploring and preserving the emigrant trails across the state.


The main Oregon Trail traveled across Idaho. From Thomas Fork and Big Hill, through Soda Springs to Fort Hall, past American Falls and across the Snake River at Three Island Crossing, it then followed the Boise River to Fort Boise. The California Trail branched off at Parting of the Ways on Raft River, then traveled through City of Rocks and over Granite Pass. Numerous other routes within Idaho include Hudspeth Cutoff, Lander Road, South Alternate, North Alternate, and Goodales Cutoff. Excellent trail remnants remain on all of these routes and are regularly visited by the chapter. 

      Idaho Chapter Tentative Events, 2018


      • Mid-February – Boise Community Education classes

      • March 2-3 – OCTA Spring Symposium, Gila Bend, Arizona

      • Mid-April – Annual Spring Byway Tour

      • May 5 – Northwest Chapter symposium in La Grande, Oregon

      • May 17-18 – City of Rocks stage station archeological survey work

      • May 19 – Spring chapter meeting, Burley, Milner ruts marking

      • June 2 – National Trails Day, outing, North Alternate Oregon Trail

      • July 14 – Lander Road marking outing

      • August – OCTA convention in Ogden, Utah

      • Second or third Saturday in September – Goodale Cutoff outing

      • October 6 – Fall chapter meeting


          • President: Jerry Eichhorst
          • Vice President East: Lyle Lambert
          • Vice President West: John Briggs
          • Treasurer: Dan Dunne
          • Secretary: Paul Dinwiddie
          • Director: Bill Wilson
          • Director: Lynn and Marge Houdyshell
          • Director: Dave and Donna Newberry
          • Director: Jim and Dawna Fazio
          • Director: Dave Taylor
          • Historian: Virgel Clark
          • Preservation - East: Don Wind
          • Preservation - West: Wally Meyer
          • Trail Dust Editor: Nancy Briggs
          • Webmaster: Jerry Eichhorst

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